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In creative phase

Health and wellness marketing
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Name proposal, Tagline, value proposition


Brand identity. Manuals for using brands in networks or graphics

Marketing plan

SWOT analysis, Objectives, style guide, communication strategy, implementation phase, KPIS (Growth Indicators).

Redes sociales

Strategic knowledge for each of the current social networks

Audiovisual production

Advertising Photography, Pre Production Video, Production Realization and Post Production and Animation.


Search engines. Organic Positioning (SEO) and Paid Positioning (SEM)

Advertising campaigns

Detection of objectives, media planning, budget, design, segmentation, launch, monitoring of results.

Corporate image 

Consulting on internal and external communication strategies. Current image analysis and development of new proposals.

Hi, I am Andrea

I will help you build the creative phase of your brand

I am a Master in Digital Marketing, music and I have been working in the advertising sector for more than 10 years and 4 in the health sector. I am passionate about creating, from the concept of a brand to the composition of designs, songs, etc. Thank you for being here, I'm sure we will make a great team.

Success stories

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Medialuna Agency

A brand cannot be present in the market or social networks without first having a personality and a communication strategy that makes it unique and unforgettable. Our value proposition focuses on the voice of the brands.

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